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Verity Contracting LLC is a Construction Company serving Northern Virginia with our office located in Richmond, VA. We specialized in commercial, residential, and remodeling construction services. Verity Contracting is a BBB-accredited company with a Class A General Contractor License in the state of Virginia.

​Verity Contracting is a sole proprietor company established in 2013 by Rogelio Rodriguez with a goal of meeting the unique needs of each customer through high-quality company values.

As Rogelio Rodriguez set his mind on future growth and expansion, he increased Verity Contracting’s capacity by adding knowledgeable and valuable employees to the staff as well as by adding the necessary equipment to handle every detail of the construction process from start to finish.

Rogelio had a vision for a Construction Company providing services that would grow into the respected company it is today. He is proud of how far it has come and hopeful for its future.

Meet The Team

Rogelio Rodriguez



Contact Number: (804) 852-6154

Rogelio Rodriguez grew up in Bogota, Colombia, where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Finance.

He began his construction career as a supervisor at Atlantic Construction in Richmond, VA. After that, he was a project manager at Colonial Webb where he gained knowledge and experience in construction field. He was a crucial piece in the estimating role in the company because of his skills he previously acquired with other construction firms in the Richmond area.

In 2013, he opened his own firm and became the sole owner of Verity Contracting, LLC. As part of his commitment to sustainable construction methods, he received his Earthcraft certification in May 2018.

Directive Functions

  • Sets the objectives of each project
  • Makes both temporary and permanent decisions for the company
  • Approves all contracts
  • Generates business strategies
  • Leads each project
  • Chooses suppliers, subcontractors, and sellers

Paulina Rodriguez

Executive Manager


Contact Number: (804) 647-2878

Paulina Rodriguez graduated from high school in 2005 and then achieved a B.S. in Business Administration from her hometown in Colombia. After coming to the United States, she acquired her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from John Taylor Community College. She is Quickbooks certified. Paulina defines the vision and goals of the entire company. She accomplishes this by implementing policies, procedures and by establishing budgets. Her role extends to overseeing personnel and compensation decisions as well as managing contracts and negotiations. Analyzing data to make the best business decisions is a key element of the executive manager’s responsibilities.

Administrative Functions

  • Defines the mission, vision and objectives of the company
  • Is aware of contracts and negotiations
  • Studies the economic and financial policy for the needs of the company
  • Manages human resources, payment policies and employee salaries
  • Continually monitors the health of the company
  • Regulates accounts and all legal documents
  • Implements business new strategies

Javier Gustavo Rodriguez

Project Manager


Contact Number: (804) 928-6334

Javier G Rodriguez has worked in a variety of construction roles throughout his 13-year career in construction. He started as a construction laborer, then became an equipment operator and was eventually promoted to management. He joined Verity Contracting, his brother Rogelio Rodriguez’s company, as a project manager in 2015 and continues to play a vital role.

As a project manager in construction, he is adept at planning. He has ultimate responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of every project.

 Directive Functions

  • Chooses the work staff required by each project
  • Delimits tasks and distributes powers and responsibilities
  • Manages the cost control of each task
  • Constantly evaluates worker performance
  • Responsible for each project functioning correctly

Diana Llanos



Contact Number: (804) 709-9474

Diana assists the staff, answers phone calls, manages files, copies, order supplies. She calls and schedules inspections when needed, sorts mail, relays messages, and composes correspondence. She also oversees HR duties such as gathering time cards and running payroll.

She also assists with submitting construction permit applications and making copies of documents for construction bids, project documents including submittals, and certificates of insurance and drawings.

She maintains excellent communication between staff members, vendors and clients, prepares proposals, invoices, change orders and helps with accountant duties such as reviewing expenses reports.

Administrative Functions

  • Manages letters, correspondence, files, print data, and phone calls
  • Registers entries and exits of people in the office
  • Maintains constant communication between the managers and the work team
  • Manages payroll payments
  • Formulates permits and applications required by the company
  • Schedules inspections when necessary
  • Processes insurance necessities

Ignacio Rodríguez

Contact Number: (804) 590-7997

Ignacio responsibilities as a supervisor include managing construction crews, inspecting ongoing work, ensuring adherence to state and local codes, arranging for necessary equipment and keeping construction project costs at or, if possible, under budget.

Directive Functions

  • Outside of work, Adrian enjoys attending church with his family.
  • Performs work follow-ups
  • Checks the quality of the materials and task execution.
  • Completes the daily report
  • Reports worker hours
  • Directs the working group with relevant and clear instructions

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